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My car appears, and I get in. The engine is buzzing, accelerating to 500K. My curiosity grabs me. Aim ? The center of this secret city, huge skyscrapers obscure the land. Arrived there is riot at the start. Panic people walk past me. But what is the reason? I'll look. There! In the middle of the market place: A time bomb! Tick-TackTick- Tack-. Oh God!!!!!!! 1 minute left. Until the bang. I scream: Let me through, I'm electric kindz !!!!!!!!!! I screw, cutte, solder, But no standstill. 5 seconds remaining 4 2 1 0 Close your eyes. Past? Mimi-mimi-mi-mi sounds as a sound: childish sound! Do I expect thunder and smoke? Open my right eye, And a lid opens, Out of the time bomb inside, Come out two dwarfs. They waving flags, Which states: Free our world of poverty and congestion !!! , I smile and go and paint ideas
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