The concept of the project BAUT is to found a experimental mixed media “band “of different ascendancies of music; combining different genre like noise, electronic, break beat, metal, punk, rap, and soundscapes. The project is supposed to involve all things, a regular music band represents plus exploring the possibilities of visual artistic expression within a showcase.

MEMBERS /  Theo Boettger / Jan Brokof  / Alfredo Bautista / Martin Böttger


live@Staatliche Kunstsammlung /Dresden 2012
Colorado Group Show/ Galerie Module/ Dresden
live@SCHLIMM CITY Festival / Mülheim an der Ruhr 2011
live@Club Josef_Maria Am Ostbahnhof  / Berlin 2010
live@Cross Poetry Night WABE / Berlin 2010
live@Delicatessenhaus / Leipzig 2009